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Los Angeles-based label CEREBRAL was founded in 2021 by producer/artist Josh Thomas (YXSH) and Eternal Music Group with a focus on community and an aim to build a space for creatives to have more of a play in their own game. It’s no secret the music industry can be brutal, and our goal is to rid artists of the mystery often surrounding the inner workings of a record label and work on developing them as creatives. In keeping with this ethos, the CEREBRAL team is rounded out by fellow music and sync industry vet, Christian Celaya, who has collaborated with Josh for the last decade.

“Traditional music labels naturally need to focus more on their bottom line than the artist they represent,” Josh explains. “And though it is essential to sustain and build the ‘machine,’ we believe over time it’s become less balanced than it should be. We plan to borrow the piece of the structure that makes art profitable while retaining the integrity of the art. Hopefully, byoffering artists transparency and inclusion to more of the ‘back office’ workings, we can eliminate the gray area and artists will feel a lot more comfortable offering creative vulnerability in return.” 

From pop and R&B to rock and hip-hop, its catalog will flourish with the eclecticism of its artists, writers and producers. But above all, CEREBRAL’s mission will undoubtedly set itself apart from the sea of labels looking at artists as soulless commodities. “We saw a decline of creative freedom amongst very gifted and talented minds,” he adds. “We want to build an infrastructure that will give that freedom back to them.”

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